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A Culinary path for all ages

Elementary Kitchen 

Middle Kitchen 

Little Food Scientist 

Learning Pathways

Baking Cookies

Thematic pathways

Based on a topic – ingredients, types of food…

The science behind the sweets

The Baker’s lab

Cooking Class

 Specific Abilities

Social skills, scientific thinking…

Learning to work in a team (Social skills)

Learning to observe and discover

(Scientific thinking)

Sticky Dough Hands

STEM Disciplines

 Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

STEM – Experimental Design (Learning how to Design)

The M in STEM (Applying Maths to Everyday Life)

Looking Through Microscope

Scientific Concepts

Melting, freezing…

The state of matter (Solid and liquid – exploring the change)

Carbon dioxide CO2 (A friend or an enemy?)

How osmosis works?(Exploring)

Investigating Liquid Density (In nature and in the kitchen)

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