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"S2S: Where Culinary Arts and STEM Education Collide!"


Richard Gonzalez 

Culinary  Coordinator

Chef Gonzalez is an experienced culinary arts instructor with over 20 years of experience in restaurants, cooking shows, and education. He holds multiple degrees in Culinary Arts (NECI), Masters in Food Safety (UCI), and Masters in Technical Career Education from Valdosta State University. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education.

Chef Gonzalez loves food science and teaching the young minds of the future not only to cook but also the science behind it. He lives in Smyrna, Georgia with his wife and business partner Mphatso (Abby) and their two beautiful kids, both of whom attend Elementary School.

At the Stem Cooking School, Chef Gonzalez is passionate about teaching children the fundamentals of cooking and nutrition. He believes that teaching children to cook is an important part of their development and will help them become more independent and confident in the kitchen. Currenlly, teaching culinary arts at Campbell High School also encourages children to explore their creativity and develop their own unique recipes.

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Mphatso Abigail Gonzalez


Abby earned her degree in Family and Consumer Sciences, with a focus in Nutrition and Dietetics, at the University of Georgia. Her passion for teaching healthy eating habits. After UGA, she started working for the Georgia Health Department (WIC) and decided to pursue her career in education, getting a master's in ESL teaching English to those from non-speaking countries. She has found her passion and is currently teaching ESOL at Campbell High School in Math, Science, and Literature. She wants to blend nutrition science and education and provide students at STEM 2 STEAM with a high level of culinary sciences, changing the way we see food and transforming the next generation, starting with little bite of science.

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